New England Collegiate Baseball League

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  1. The Playoffs will be three rounds of play.The first round (Divisional Semifinals) consisting of eight teams.
  2. The top four teams in each division will be seeded one through four within their respective divisions. For seeding purposes, ties will be determined by tiebreaker rules contained in SectionVII.
  3. Divisional Semifinal pairings will give the home field advantage to the number 1 and 2 seeds within their division. The Divisional Final and Championship Series will give home field advantage to the teams with the best record. All Series will be best-of-three format. The team with the better record will host the first and third game of each series. The NECBL will utilize 3 umpires for each playoff game.
  4. Divisional Semifinal, Divisional Final and Championship Series games are scheduled nine-inning games. All games will beplayed to completion except when, at the discretion of both general managersand theapprovalofthe Commissioner, it is unfeasible to do so.
  5. If either or both of the teams participating in a Playoff Series or the NECBL Championship Series cannot use their home facilities, the Commissioner will determine a neutral site.
  6. All playoff players must be on the roster of their respective team as established under the “Player Personnel” section of these guidelines.
  7. Rain Dates, if necessary, will be established under provisions of these Guidelines regarding cutoff dates and travel requirements for participating teams.

Playoff Structure and Dates

1.The Divisional Semifinal Round will be a "Best 2-of-3 Format" and is scheduled to be played as follows:


Series1:  East Seed # 1 vs. East Seed # 4  --  August 4, 5, 6

Series2:  East Seed # 2 vs. East Seed # 3  --  August 4, 5, 6

Series3:  West Seed # 1 vs. West Seed # 4 --  August 4, 5, 6

Series4:  West Seed # 2 vs. West Seed # 3 -- August 4, 5, 6


2.  The Divisional Championship Round will be "Best 2-of-3 Format". To determine the East and West Division Champions and to be played as follows:


Series5:  Winner of Series # 1 vs. Winner of Series # 2  --  August 7, 8, 9

Series6:  Winner of Series # 3 vs. Winner of Series # 4 --  August 7, 8, 10


3.  The NECBL Championship Series will be a "Best 2-of-3 Format. To determine the NECBL Champions and to be played as follows:


Series7:  Winner of Series # 5 vs. Winner of Series # 6 -- August 11, 12, 13


4.  All games will be nine (9) innings. The Commissioner will publish the field locations and game times, once the regular season is completed. A three (3) man CBUAO umpire crew will be used for all games.