New England Collegiate Baseball League

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Player Code of Conduct

Personal Responsibility and Expectations

Playing summer collegiate baseball in the New England Collegiate Baseball League is a privilege.
As in every aspect of life, this privilege carries with it personal responsibility. The exercise of personal
responsibility as a member of the NECBL family is important (i) to you as an individual in advancing your baseball career and realizing your full baseball potential and (ii) to our NECBL communities, which are enriched and ennobled by the example you set as role models for our kids. The NECBL cannot attain its goals and fulfill its mission without your full cooperation and commitment to act professionally and responsibly, both on the baseball field and in your adopted communities.

Each player for each team in the NECBL is expected to conduct himself, on the field and off the field,
in a manner consistent with good behavior and in a manner that does not adversely affect his respective organization’s reputation, or the player’s own integrity, reputation and credibility. Each player must recognize that he represents, not just his college and university, but also his host family, his summer team, his adopted community and the NECBL, and that every action he takes will affect the NECBL family.  

Without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing statement or any specific rules and regulation otherwise promulgated by the NECBL or the player’s individual team, each player shall be aware of the following principles and at all times comply with them.

• Each player shall comply with the rules and regulations promulgated by the NECBL and the
individual team he plays for, both on the field and off the field. Each team shall have responsibility,
in its sole discretion, to discipline a player, to include suspension or dismissal from the team, for conduct it determines is inappropriate, violates any rules or regulations, or is contrary to the league’s expectations set forth in this statement.

• The legal drinking age in each of the New England states is 21 years of age, and each player is expected to obey the law. In addition, under no circumstances shall a player, or any personnel of any NECBL organization, bring alcoholic beverages on the team bus, or bring or have possession of alcoholic beverages at the playing field. Players over 21 years of age, who have alcoholic beverages off the field, shall be expected to drink responsibly and at all times conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

• Each player shall recognize that host families make a personal and financial sacrifice to house them as part of their families, and that host families are essential to the operation and success of summer baseball. Players shall, by their daily conduct and good behavior, honor these special people. Players must remember that they are a guest in someone else’s home, and to always be considerate and make a special effort to abide by any requests they may make.  If a host family has young children, players must be aware of what their friendship and actions will mean to them.